I was talking with a friend about some photos on my Instagram feed and she asked me: How do you do it?

My short answer was: I don’t.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to blog. Facebook and Instagram often show us snippets of people’s lives. Single shots into the realities of traveling and parenting.

We see beautiful sunsets, amazing food and smiling children and we think it must all be perfect for someone else, or EVERYONE else except us.

I’ve been guilty of omitting the hardships in the past. In a forum like Instagram it’s hard to offer context and give long winded explanations of how hard it was to make it to that one perfect point to get that awesome shot. In Facebook I feel guilty of complaining too much, I tell myself my friends don’t want to hear me whine about our airport troubles, traffic woes or days without running water; I imagine them saying: “oh, boo-hoo, at least you get to GO on a trip!”. I am very selective of what I share in both forums, because I’m always afraid of being misinterpreted and judged.

The bottom line is that: I want people to like me.

For some reason, at this particular point in life I’ve stopped caring. I specify “at this particular point in life” because I’m not sure if I will wake up in a year, feel all paranoid and take this site down. But for now, I’m okay sharing, and it’s quite liberating.

We’ve been on the road since June 18. That’s 39 days. 39 days without our pillows and our beds. 39 days that our kids have spent without their toys. 39 days without the food that we are used to. Has it been amazing, inspiring and fun? of course it has! But there are also days that I want to lock myself in the bathroom just to be alone. There are days when I feel that I most definitely can’t do it all. I can’t meet a deadline, keep the kids from fighting and have a clean kitchen in the same 24 hours. The truth is that some days I couldn’t manage that at home, so I am not sure what I was to expect during this year. I left hoping that things would work out, hoping we would get something out of this experience, learn to be more flexible, be better as a family. After a rough week with not much sleep (more on that later) all I can hope is to not lose my mind.

A blurry photo of me literally trying to relax while traveling in 2015. Nothing has changed.