New Zealand: No Worries

We arrived in New Zealand 10 days ago. My husband hands the airport-shuttle driver a tip. Drivers are always happy to get a tip, especially after carrying our heavy backpacks in and out of the van, but this driver said: “no, that’s okay”

Husband: no, it’s for you

Driver: no man, you need a beer

H: well you need a beer too

Driver: nah, go enjoy your self

H: okay man (and smiles, because after all that travel from Bangkok to Auckland, he does need a beer).

Just like that, we felt like we knew this was bound to be good.

These 10 days have been busy, we found a place to live for the next 6 months and a used car to purchase. We opened a bank account, sorted out car insurance, obtained a local phone number and got a library card.  And throughout it all, we’ve received one message: “no worries”.

Some people have asked me why 6 months in New Zealand? The short answer is that we were here in 2009 and fell in love with it. The longer answer: It’s hard to describe, it just felt right. Yes, it’s breathtakingly beautiful, but what makes it perfect for us right now is that New Zealand has a functional yet relaxing vibe that transcends anything we’ve experienced. People are nice and welcoming, they really want to make sure that we get things sorted out. That, and smoked fish, great jam, tons of playgrounds, and an abundance of local yarns and eco-beauty products just to mention a few things. I should also add that their milk froths to beautiful heights; during our 4 and a half months of traveling, it’s been difficult to find milk with the right fat content to make my favorite frothy milked coffee. As I’ve said before, it’s the little things that make you feel at home.


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