Jain- don’t judge

Before we left on our trip, my husband introduced me to Jain. I was impressed with her catchy sound and she immediately became a family favorite.

Her music and videos brought up a lot of questions about her background. When I looked her up, some articles questioning if she was guilty of cultural appropriation came up. After some reading, I was impressed with her multicultural upbringing: she is French, but grew up in Congo, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

I felt bad questioning if she was guilty of cultural appropriation, as if I were preemptively judging her -I guess my own issues can make me paranoid at times. I grew up in a colony that to this day suffers from people taking away without giving the credit that is due, so I am sensitive to cultural appropriation.

We are a multicultural family; I am Puerto Rican and my husband is of Greek-Italian ancestry. We live in Southern California, and travel to Mexico frequently, so our family is inevitably influenced by that as well. My kids do not speak Spanish, which gives me impostor syndrome around my Latin American friends and family. Sometimes I feel like I don’t fully belong here or there, so I am fascinated by Jain and the magic that comes from her sounds.