About me

Things that make me happy: traveling to random places, photography (I’m learning!), international music (even if I can’t understand the lyrics), dancing shamelessly, crafting (even though I seldom finish a project), baking and eating…

Places I am from (yes plural): Puerto Rico would be the short answer, but if only things were that easy…  The long answer: I was born in New York to Puerto Rican parents. They decided to return to Puerto Rico when I was 7. I became who I am there. On the side, I’ve spent a good chunk of time in Mexico. I now call California home.

These things keep me busy: My work as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst, my side-gig as an Associate Faculty teaching Environmental Science online, a multifaceted husband and 3 daughters… this translates into a bunch of laundry and lots of messes.

Current projects: Starting summer of 2017, we are traveling the world, while my husband is on sabbatical from his Faculty position. Our girls will be homeschooled in collaboration with their school district. I will be working remotely during this period. My goal is to try to keep it together as best as I can.

Now, take your shoes off, grab a cup of coffee, or better yet a glass of wine- let’s hang out.